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Welcome to Hedegården – farmhouse visit, Bed & Breakfast​

We are lockeded in the lovely Eastjutland, 1.9 miles from the Hammel main road between Aarhus and Viborg.

​Hedegaarden is run as a activ agriculture. There is always lots of activities just for the creative family.

​We can offer god apleasunt stay the whole year with a lot of possibilities.

​Specialy for the young ones who can attend how the animals day are, play at the farm and get a lot of happie experience.

Our location is ideal, because it is not at alle, far from the rest activity e.g. Hammel Swimming Bath, Hammel Climb Club, The Old Town in Aarhus, and many other exciting places.

​Anton og Dorte Sørensen wish you and your family a warm welcome to Hedegaarden.

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